• Washable Pre-Filter
  • Pleated Pocket Filter
  • HEPA Filters
  • Activated Carbon & Absorption Media



The washable pleated filters are designed for general use in validation and air-conditioning systems in hospitals, office blocks, hotels, factories, AHU’s or areas where there is a high dust content.

They can also function as a pre-filter to secondary and tertiary filters and conforms to SABS 1428-1987. A test certificate is available on request.

The washable pleated panel filter is made from nonwoven needle punched synthetic media and this is fixed within a galvanized channel frame with urethane ensuring no air bypass.

The media is self-supporting or wire supported depending on customers’ requirements or preference.


Standard SizesAirflow at 2,5 m/s in m3/h
295 x 295 x 50850
295 x 595 x 501700
395 x 495 x 501870
395 x 695 x 502380
495 x 495 x 502380
495 x 595 x 502850
495 x 625 x 502975
595 x 595 x 503400

Other sizes available on request.

Pleated Pocket Filters


The Synthetic Fiber Bag Filters are a high capacity filter composed of individual Synthetic Fiber pockets assembled in a metal frame, it is designed for use in those areas requiring a higher degree of air cleanliness and fiber shedding is concerned such as Hospitals, Pharmaceutical plants, paint spray booths, Office buildings etc.

The bag filters are not affected by extreme moisture and humidity conditions unlike glass fibers at wet environment that can lose up to 20% of its efficiency. The Synthetic bag filters are available in average efficiency ranges of 45-50%, 60-65% 80-85% 90-95% and >95% per ASHRAE standard 52.1-1992 Atmospheric Dust Spot Test procedures (equal EN779) Operating face velocities up to 750 FPM are available for certain models.


The BAG FILTERS consists of a series of individual pockets, which are bonded together with a corrosion resistant frame, the potential for air leakage in the header frame is prevented through the elimination of metal contact point between individual components.

During assembly all media to metal contact points are glued to assure product integrity during operation.


Each stitch of the pocket is sealed with a special adhesive to prevent possible contaminant leakage or media breakage, the Bag Filter is designed to a V-Shape pocket, the microprocessor controlled automatic sewing machines actually controls the stitch loosening, continuously adjusting from 60mm to 20mm.

The V-Shape pocket design allows every pocket to fully inflate and maintain a proper spacing between adjacent pockets, clean air can freely exit from front to back.


The Bag Filters are manufactured from multiple layers of synthetic microfiber, the synthetic microfiber builds up in non-woven layers to ensure multiple layer buildup and eliminate fiber shedding.

The media is extremely durable and non-shedding, the media is color coded by efficiency using a variety of materials, the product is available in filtration efficiencies spanning the range from 45 – 50% to 90 – 95% and >95%


The filters are rated to UL – CLASS 2


Actual Nek & length of Bag Size
300 x 300 x 300 Deep295 x 295 x 300
300 x 300 x 600 Deep295 x 295 x 600
300 x 600 x 300 Deep295 x 595 x 300
300 x 600 x 600 Deep295 x 595 x 600
600 x 600 x 300 Deep595 x 595 x 300
600 x 600 x 600 Deep595 x 595 x 600

Other sizes available on request.

HEPA Filters


Multi V HEPA filter class H13 or H14 with efficiency of 99.95% – 99.995% are made according to EN 1822:2009 on the 6V cell filter (3V cell for half size) offers an extended filter surface which allows high nominal air flows.


Water repellant glass fibre paper folded with constantly calibrating spacing, Separations through continuous thermoplastic threads


Aluminum, Galvanized or plastic PVC frame complete with polyurethane sealant and one piece endless gasket


Max. Temperature: 80°C (continuous operation)
Max. Relative humidity 100%
Recommended final pressure drop 450 Pa

Minipleat Filter Panels – 69 Deep:

Meet the highest standards of air purity and germ-free environment in many sensitive areas of modern technology, pharmacy and medicine. They are used for terminal filter applications in ceiling, filter banks, clean workbenches and in air diffusers, where both high standards of cleanliness and controlled air flow are required, e.g. low turbulence displacement ventilation (laminar flow).

High grade glass finer paper with various degrees of dust extraction efficiency is used as the finer media. The mini pleat filter panels are supplied in filters classes H14 to U16 in accordance with EN1822 and in various constructions, with or without protective grid, or with gasket both sides, fluid seal or knife-edge blade profile, to match the ceiling system or mounting frame.

Manufactured from ultra-fine glass finer paper. Unlike the deep fold type which rely on crimped separators to form the pleated pack, mini pleat HEPA filters are pleated with a thermo-plastic separating spacer applied to the media during manufacture. This unique feature offers a much greater media area and consequently greater permissible air volume when compared with the older deep fold type.

The Seals:

Available with silicone seal sealing arrangement or conventional closed cell gaskets without any joints to form a permanent and positive seal.

Air Flow Rate:

Only mini pleat HEPA filters are capable of handling air velocities of 2,5 m/s instead of the normal 1,25 m/s. This generally means a much lower pressure drop and smaller filter banks in comparison with the deep fold type.


Available in aluminum frames and in all standard or special size configurations.


  • 305 x 305 x 292mm
  • 305 x 610 x 292mm
  • 610 x 610 x 292mm


  • 305 x 305 x 69mm
  • 305 x 610 x 69mm
  • 610 x 610 x 69mm
  • 1220 x 610 x 69mm
  • 1525 x 610 x 69mm
  • 1830 x 610 x 69mm


Other sizes available on request.

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