Cleanroom air shower is a highly versatile partial purification device installed in the passage of clean room and non-clean room, used to reduce the pollution problems caused by entering and leaving the clean room. When people need to enter the clean area, they must be sprayed and showered in this equipment. The clean air blown out can remove the dust carried by people, and can effectively prevent or reduce dust from entering the clean area. The front and rear doors of the air shower are electronically interlocked and act as air locks to prevent un-purified air from entering the clean area.


  • Double-speed fan;
  • Primary filter;
  • PVC nozzle (with mesh);
  • Mini pleat HEPA filter;
  • Tempered glass window
  • Control panel
  • Anchor bolt (M12);
  • Locally supported mechanism


Model:7145 AS
Outside Dim.:1500 (W) x 900 (L) x 2100 (H)
Inside Dim.:1100 (W) x 850 (L) x 1850 (H)
Weight:+/- 200 Kg
Air flow rate:2100 m3/hr. (Approximately 900 Air changes/h) @ 1.1 m/s down flow

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