Lint Filters


The Lint Free Zone filter is a filter to remove up to 98% of all lint generated during the laundry process, these filters are self-cleaning and ideally suited for smaller installations such as at Hotels, Hospitals, School dormitory laundry, Sports clubs and general laundromats.

All models are free standing units and can be connected to multiple dryers, they are compact and efficient, They are water & mechanical free units and the filtration screen is a fine NON static mesh material (typical dryer filters catch 50 – 80% of the lint), the screen bag floats upside down in the system catching lint and when the system is shut off the bag drops inside out and peels the lint off the inside of the bag, this falls down into the catchment bag at the bottom, any remaining lint can be brushed off by hand.


  • All models have standard Differential pressure alarms for cleaning
  • NO compressed air, water or moving parts
  • They are 4 times more efficient than standard internal dryer filters
  • Catches approx. 98% of all lint
  • Compact and easy to install on floor inside or out
  • Weatherproof
  • NO moving parts other than fan
  • Reduces fire hazards
  • Reduces clean up


To maintain simply open hatch on side of the unit, untie draw string and unclip the screen filter from the internal ring, to replace fit new screen filter over ring and tie draw string, for the collection bag use the same process.


Designed to suit any volume of air

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