Operating Theatre Plenums


The operating theatre plenum’s come in many different designs to suit the application, they accommodate various types of light stems through the centre of the plenum for round, oval or double round light stems, the air is supplied through H14 HEPA filters fed either from the plant room above through 4 HEPA filtered housings, from the AHU in the plant room via ducted side access or through the Integral filter system where filters are fitted internally specifically for retrofitted LF theatres

The plenum’s are 250mm deep as a standard but can go up to 500 deep depending on the depth of the ceiling void, the units can be flush mounted with the ceiling or protrude from the ceiling. Other designs are as per drawing SS-0200 where the filters are integrated within the plenum and are used where space is a problem or where the air cannot be supplied from the plant room above, this ensures that the HEPA filters are as close to the source as possible, the other type as per drawing SS-0217 has slot diffusers for added protection around the operating table or area.


Top entry supply air or side entry available

  • 2400 x 2400 x 250 Deep
  • 2700 x 2700 x 250 Deep
  • 2700 x 2700 x 250 Deep with Slot Diffusers
  • 2700 x 2700 x 500 Deep with Integral Filters
  • 3000 x 3000 x 250 Deep
  • 3300 x 3300 x 250 Deep


Other sizes available on request

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