Sputum Booths


Sputum Booths are Negative pressure chambers for performing sputum inductions, aerosolized pentamidine treatments and other cough inducing procedures in a safe and contained environment.


The patient sits in the booth during the procedure.  Air is drawn into the booth through the pre-filter on the top of the unit.  The air is then drawn past the patient and down through the HEPA filter that is located under the perforated shelf near the patient’s feet. The HEPA filter traps and removes airborne particulate contaminants at an efficiency of 99.97% on particles 0.3 microns in size, this filtered air is exhausted from the top back of the unit. The process of exhausting filtered air from the treatment chamber creates a negative pressure in the chamber relative to the surrounding area. This difference in pressure prevents potentially contaminated air from leaving the booth and possibly infecting others even when the door is opened after the procedure.

Custom made & fixed built-in units are available on request


  • 7180 unit 1800 lg x 900 w x 24000 H (with wheelchair access)


Other NON Standard sizes available on request

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